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  • Skarr Armor® is a listed professional armor manufacturer, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!   

  • Complies with NIJ IIIA, latest 0101.06 standard (not the old 0101.04)

  • Protects against: 22 (all), 25, 32acp, 38 special, 380acp, 9, 40, 45, 357 sig, 357 mag, 10, 44 special, 44 mag, and all +P rounds and sub-machine gun (9mm)  

  • Capable of stopping 12ga 1oz SHOTGUN SLUGS

  • Made of UHMWPE ballistic fabric with special coating, each internal ballistic panel is approx 5/8" thick

  • Build in impact truama board to help absorb more blunt impact force

  • Stretch mesh lining for breathability and added back padding foam for comfort.

  • Build in front and back pockets for easy upgrade to Level III with solid rifle plates for AR and AK

  • Bulletproof and stabproof

Gen 2 Black UHMWPE Stabproof + Bulletproof Vest SPV05

    • USPS or FedEx Ground for all domestic shipment
    • UPS Standard for Canada
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