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  • Stand Alone Level III+ panel, not ICW (InConjunctionWith), which means you don't need to wear a IIIA vest behind it to achieve the NIJIII protection level.
  • NIJ III 0101.06 standard, protects you from 223, 5.56, AK 7.62x39, AK7.62x51(308), and green tip M855
  • 40% lighter than the same size AR500 steel plates
  • Made high hardness elastic modulus ballistic ceramic core backed by unidirectional light weight UHMWPE & Nylon anti-spall cover
  • Multi hit capable, advanced construction technique allows panel to maintain its integrity after being shot multiple times.
  • Ballistic performance enhanced by the latest development in silicon carbide, way better and safer than regular metal plates for spalling and ricocheting.
  • Single curve shooters/swimmers cut when shouldering the weapon
  • Size is approx.9.5 inch x 12.5 inch x 0.80 inch (center).  Fit any standard US Mil. SAPI Medium carriers or commercial 10"x12" carriers
  • Weight: approx 5lb 6oz
  • Easy cleaning with damp cloth to clean and refresh

NIJ 3+ Ceramic Stand-Alone Single Curve Shooters Cut Rifle Plate

$265.00 Regular Price
$215.00Sale Price
    • USPS or FedEx Ground for all domestic shipment
    • UPS Standard for Canada
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