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  • Threat Rating is VPAM 3
  • Stops .357 Magnum, and lesser rounds, at 1300 fps and below
  • Better protection
  • Thinner profile
  • Rim-to-rim protection
  • Negligible weight difference
  • One-third the price

This helmet is part of a modular system that allows the user to add an upcoming NVG mount, side rails, rifle up-armor kit, and quick-adjust dial lock suspension system.

 Armor is a balance of protection level, weight, and cost. The advanced metallurgy in our Militia ballistic helmet offers the best combination of these elements.


Protection Level:  

  • European VPAM-3 compliant
  • ACH Gen II ballistic compliant
  • Excellent blunt force and impact performance
  • Protection all the way to the rim

Upcoming Features:

  • NVG mount
  • Side rails
  • Level IV up-armor kit
  • Quick-adjust dial lock suspension

Approximate Weight:

  • 3.0 lb. with large pads

AR500 Ballistic Steel IIIA Helmet - The Militia Helmet

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