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Not all level III and III+ are made or perform the same way.  Better plates are made of higher grade, thinner, lighter and better ballistic performance ceramic composites. Not only they will stop the penetration, but they also provide a better blunt trauma resistance which is super crucial when comes to preventing internal injuries such bleeding and shattered bones.  Just because a plate can stop the bullets doesn't mean it will prevent severe injuries.   So before you buy a plate, make sure to check out these factors first.  A plate can last for years with proper care and usage, so treat it as a long term investment.


  • Stand Alone Level III panel, not ICW (in conjunction with), which means you don't need to wear a IIIA vest behind it to achieve the NIJIII protection level.
  • NIJ III 0101.06 standard, protects you from M193 5.56, AK 7.62x39, and AK7.62x51(308)
  • 65% lighter than the same size AR500 steel plates
  • Made of 100% UHMWPE and black poly spray coating
  • Waterproof and floatable.
  • Multi hit capable, advanced construction technique allows the panel to maintain its integrity after being shot multiple times.
  • Multi curve advanced shooters/swimmers cut for a better fit and ergonomic!
  • Size: M is 10 inch x 12 inch x 0.9 inch, XL is approx 11 inch x 14 inch x 1.02 inch
  • Weight: M approx 3lb,  XL approx 3lb 11oz
  • 6 year warranty

NIJ 3 Ultra Lite Stand Alone Multi Curve Shooters Cut Rifle Plate

Only 4 left in stock
    • USPS or FedEx Ground for all domestic shipment
    • UPS Standard for Canada
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